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what’s the point of being a fan if you’re not a critical one? what’s the point of absorbing media without the intention of analyzing it? i don’t understand why some people wholeheartedly defend their faves’ flaws and shortcomings, when pointing out and not supporting your faves’ problematic aspects DOES NOT MAKE YOU ANY LESS OF A FAN BUT MAKES YOU AN ENGAGED AND AWARE CONSUMER

Sep. 16, 14


SPN + Animals 

he is as full of valor as of kindness. princely in both
[william shakespeare, henry v]

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You may think it’s unfair that we have to counteract and adjust ourselves for the ill behavior of other men. You know what? You’re right. It is unfair. Is that the fault of women? Or is it the fault of the men who act abysmally and make the rest of us look bad? If issues of fairness bother you, get mad at the men who make you and your actions appear questionable.

Because when it comes to assessing a man, whatever one man is capable of, a woman must presume you are capable of. Unfortunately, that means all men must be judged by our worst example. If you think that sort of stereotyping is bullshit, how do you treat a snake you come across in the wild?

…You treat it like a snake, right? Well, that’s not stereotyping, that’s acknowledging an animal for what it’s capable of doing and the harm it can inflict. Simple rules of the jungle, man. Since you are a man, women must treat you as such.

The completely reasonable and understandable fear of men is your responsibility. You didn’t create it. But you also didn’t build the freeways either. Some of the things you inherit from society are cool and some of them are rape culture.

"  -

A Gentlemen’s Guide To Rape Culture

This whole article should be required reading for every man, complete with actual tips on what men can do to combat rape culture. 

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Sep. 15, 14

Looks pretty, right? A nice sleepy village in rural England.
And they’re burning weed.
Perhaps weeds as well. But christ on a cracker, by scent it is mostly weed.
An imperial shit tonne of weed.

Looks pretty, right? A nice sleepy village in rural England.

And they’re burning weed.

Perhaps weeds as well. But christ on a cracker, by scent it is mostly weed.

An imperial shit tonne of weed.

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that one time a demon blessed an angel,

omg Jensen’s face

Not my fandom but omg can’t stop laughing :D

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Inspired by (x)

Bonus: That doesn’t rhyme with “surprise” but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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rough sketches.

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If I can’t see it, it’s not there


If I can’t see it, it’s not there

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How to be a Successful Roman Epic Poet (after Virgil): A Guide for the Perplexed 


  • Be sure to begin your epic with a nauseatingly sycophantic address to the reigning Emperor. (“Humble worm that I am, I would never dream of singing of you, o great Caesar; your virtue is too vast, your deeds too amazing, and have I mentioned how well your new toga brings…

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Captain Picard watches the season 2 finale.

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(Balthazar saves Dean and Castiel from the sunken depths of Season 9 to make a Season 10 worth watching.)

"We need to talk."
"Oh you seem upset, Dean."
"The hell with the ship, Balthazar?"
"What ship?"
"Oh yeah, Destiel. Yes, well uh it was meant to sink, and I saved it."
"So you just what - unsunk a giant ship?"
"Well Supernatural was meant to bash into this self-doomed thing… and plunge into the briny deep with all this narrow-minded hoopla, and I saved it.”

"Come on! I saved people! I thought you loved that kind of thing!"

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Sep. 14, 14


Hey Euclase, I was curious about your natural media images you recently posted. Like with the one of Starbuck and Han Solo, the pencils look really soft, you don't see much hatch marks in them. Was this effect done with a blender of some sort? Or do you render in pencil just a certain way to give that effect. I had a friend that always shadded in small circles with their pencil and that gave it a 'softer' look. Thanks!


Both rendering and blending stick. Han and Starbuck are both. The rest of the drawings in that set don’t have any blending stick in them.

And I usually do the circle thing like your friend does. 

I hatch sometimes, too, though. Like this:

But here’s a good example of where I used a blending stick a lot:

And sometimes I blend with a very hard pencil instead of a blending stick, which is how I did this:


I think this is a 4H on top of 2B. It makes it look more like glass that way? I don’t know to describe it, but sometimes I like this look better.


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i love how other planet’s moons have cool names and then here we just have moon


petition to rename the moon



this entire site is on drugs

This is my favorite post ever and I will reblog it until I die


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Having a bad day?

Well enjoy these adorable Destiel fan art gifs and try not to smile